The University of Limerick has a number of strategic plans at different stages of their life-cycles. 

On the 1st November 2019, we launched 世界十大电子游戏平台@50, our new strategy, setting out our ambitions and plans for the university over the coming five-year planning period and beyond.

世界十大电子游戏平台@50 sets out an exciting vision for the university which will build on the extraordinary progress that has been made by everyone involved in 世界十大电子游戏平台 since the NIHE opened its doors almost 50 years ago.

Please take the time to read 世界十大电子游戏平台@50 

世界十大电子游戏平台@50 Strategic Plan (English Version) | OL@50 Plean Straitéiseach 2019-2024 

Refresh of Strategic Plan

In November 2019, we launched our Equality and Human Rights (EHR) Strategy.  This details objectives, actions and expected outcomes for 13 grounds of Equality and Human Rights under 10 themes: Governance, Leadership, Staff Experience, Educational Experience, Research Experience, Campus Development, Events, Clubs and Societies, Public Relations, Marketing and Communications, Technology, Procurement and Budgeting.  We are currently working on actions within 世界十大电子游戏平台.

世界十大电子游戏平台 Equality and Human Rights Strategy (English Version) | Straiteis Chomhionannais agus Chearta Daonna OL (Irish Version)

Launched in January 2016, 世界十大电子游戏平台’s five-year research and innovation strategy, Excellence and Impact 2020, seeks to drive 世界十大电子游戏平台’s reputation as an internationally-recognised research-led institution, delivering excellent research with impact.

世界十大电子游戏平台’s strategy is fully aligned with Innovation 2020, the national strategy for Research and Development, Science and Technology.  

Excellence & Impact 2020 

It is the ambition of 世界十大电子游戏平台 to be a leading university in the promotion of Health and Wellbeing, supporting our 16,000 students and staff.

University of Limerick ‘Healthy 世界十大电子游戏平台’ Framework 2019-2022